The Jewish Initiative for Animals provides new ways for the Jewish community to bring its values of compassion for animals into practice and strengthen Jewish communities in the process.

Companion Animals

Today companion animals have become members of our families and important parts of our community. JIFA gives you the opportunity to connect your love for and desire to help companion animals with Jewish values and Jewish community.

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אסור לאדם שיאכל קודם שיתן מאכל לבהמתו

It is forbidden to sit down to your own meal before you have fed your animals.
—Babylonian Talmud, Berachot 40a

Farmed Animals

Today most animal products come from animals raised on cruel and unsustainable factory farms that are destroying the environment and our health. JIFA is empowering Jewish communities to live their commitment to compassion for animals and become part of the solution!

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כל המרחם על הבריות מרחמין עליו מן השמים

Anyone who is compassionate to creatures receives compassion from the heavens.
—Babylonian Talmud Shabbat 151b

Wildlife Conservation

Whether due to poaching, illegal trafficking of animal parts, or human-animal conflict, endangered species need us to stand up on their behalf more than ever before.

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Meet the trailblazing communities and cutting-edge organizations that are putting animals on the agenda!


We’re connecting Jewish heritage with America’s farming heritage to fight factory farming. We provide expert consultation to assist Jewish institutions in reducing meat consumption and building more ethical supply chains that get cruel, factory farmed animal products out of Jewish institutions.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We’re not only building a better world for our kids - we’re giving kids the opportunity to be the change-makers. JIFA is facilitating thousands of bar/bat mitzvah students to connect with local animal organizations and do mitzvah projects that not only transform the self, but transform the community.

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Meet Our Partners

We’re proud to be supported by and working with some of the most innovative nonprofit organizations in the nation.

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